21 Instagram Stats That You Need to Know About Social Media: Percentages of Social Media

You can find Instagram statistics that relate to your business on Instagram

Stop posting random content. 21 Instagram statistics that are relevant to your business have been prepared. We are not perfect at digital reports, statistics and percentage “pies”. We know data must be used to make decisions.

In Romania, at the beginning of 2022 there were 5.4 million Instagram users. This means that you could reach 28.3% through ads published on the social media network. Instagram is only available to users 13 years old or older. This means that 32.5% of our country’s “eligible audience” are on Instagram. Instagram is still the most popular social network in our country after Facebook (read our article on Facebook statistics), followed closely by TikTok and Pinterest.

It is important to recognize the benefits that Instagram can bring to a business or brand. What are the statistics and how can they be used to help us create an effective strategy? These 21 Instagram statistics are both interesting and extremely useful.

Add audio elements to your “stories” and tell as many as possible

The “Stories” feature is a familiar one. It’s available in various forms on numerous social networks. Instagram Stories: Why Instagram Stories should be part of your Social Media Marketing strategy These 5 Instagram stats will do the talking.

#1 Daily, Instagram Stories is used by over 500 million users. 70% of Instagram Stories users see daily, in percentage terms.

#2 Instagram users report that 58% are more interested in brands after they see it in a Story.

#3 Conversions: Another half of users report that they have taken action after reading about it in Stories and visited a website to buy a product or service.

#4 Why did I say add audio elements? Stories with background music or voiceovers generate better results at the bottom of an online marketing funnel (conversions, purchases, retention), than Stories ads that lack sound.

#5 Do users watch Stories made by companies? It seems so: 67% say they watch Stories made by brands.

Conclusion? Tell stories to the community about your brand. Daily, if possible. To make conversion simpler, add stickers with links. Add audio elements. You can use the “Stories” feature to create interactive and spontaneous content. This will allow you to connect with your customers and to open up to others who want to know more about you. Even though it is a temporary content, the results never stop coming.

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