Brenda Jansson

B.A., M.Ed., sUAS Rated Pilot
Web Designer, Photographer, Videographer

It’s just me.  I am the Web Designer, Graphics Artist, Photographer… I’m the one setting up the goPro’s and driving the drone.  You can’t teach assistants to do this stuff – it’s much too complicated.  It takes a lot of Education, Experience and Dedication. Besides, I prefer to work alone. Nothing goes wrong that way 🙂



  • 1996 Private Pilot’s License, Instrument & Complex Ratings 500 hours + flight time.
  • 1997 Bachelor’s Degree in Communication (magna cum laude) from Arizona State University
  • 1999 Master’s Degree in Educational Media and Computers (summa cum laude) also from ASU.
  • 2016 sUAS (small unmanned aircraft system) FAA Commercial Drone Pilot’s Certificate


I’ve been creating websites for a LONG time – i started about the same time people were discovering what a computer is, since modems were 14k, since cell phones were HUGE and not even wireless yet. That’s a long time.

Give me a Call!  I’d be delighted to talk with you about your new project.
If You’re not Happy – I’m out of Business!

(208) 634-5557