Pros of Drone Ownership

  • Excitement
    • Drones can be a lot of fun to fly
  • You control the action.
    • you are a Control Freak and know exactly the shot or video you want
    • or, you can tell the pilot what you’re after and get exactly the shot or video you want…
  • Unlimited photography
    • If you need LOTS of photos or video it can be cost effective.
  • Pride
    • You put all of the time and money into your drone and got your pilot’s license – Kudos!
  • Gets you a lot of attention
    • Drones are better than taking a puppy to a park if you want to meet people.
    • ALL of your friends are going to want to fly your drone! You’ll be the most popular person in the office.
    • … good luck with that one… The word is “noooooo!” LOL

Cons of doing it yourself

  • Cost
    • Basic Drone: $1000 to $3000
    • Drone Case & Accessories: $400
    • Extra Batteries: $450 (they only give 20 minutes of flight time each)
    • 4K Camera: $400
    • Extra Camera Batteries & Micro Cards: $200
    • Education, Testing & Registration: $500 – $1500
    • Software: $200 – $600
  • Time
    • sUAS Training, Test and Certification (see the study guide here): 2 weeks +
    • Buy and Learn Photo and Video Editing Software: 1 month +
    • Production time; filming & editing: constant
  • Talent
    • What if you suck at it?
    • Don’t you have better things to do? 🙂
  • Start Up Cost $4000
  • Time: Education & Learning Curve, 2 months +
  • Production: You do Everything, Constant
  • Hire Me to do it for you

So, for an initial investment of several thousand dollars, two months of studying and then the actual production – you could do your own drone photography. But is it worth it? You also have to consider the possibility of a runaway drone that crashes into something valuable… big bill and a dead drone…, FAA rules and regulations and THEN consider that technology moves so fast all of the equipment you just invested in is obsolete in a year.

You need Drone Photography. But you don’t have to do it yourself.