89% of Users
admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design

Responsive Web Site Design

The approach that web design should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. It is ‘responsive’ to the users viewing device – which makes for a much better experience for people who visit your website.

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WordPress Web Design


Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Website

WordPress has been around since 2003 and is the most popular blogging software on the market. Over the last few years, WordPress has also become the content management software of choice for non-blogging websites. Here are a few reasons why WordPress is so popular and why I use it exclusively.

Google Loves WordPress Sites

The code behind WordPress is very clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and index a site’s content. In addition, each page, post, and image can have its own meta tag keywords, description, and title, and be optimized for specific keywords, allowing for very precise search engine optimization.

You can make any site with WordPress

  • Business Websites
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Online Stores
  • Blogs & News sites
  • Photography & Video
  • Q&A websites and more!

No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required

WordPress is a self-contained system and does not require HTML editing software (such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver). You can create a new page or blog post, format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc. all without the need for additional HTML or FTP software.

Ease of Use

WordPress is very easy to use and has an intuitive interface.  Adding new pages, blog posts, images, etc. on a regular basis is a breeze and can be done quickly.  Because the technology is so simple, time spent on formatting is greatly reduced.

You Have Control of Your Site

No more waiting for your web designer to make simple updates to your site. With WordPress, you have control of nearly every aspect of your site and can easily make those simple updates yourself.

Manage Your Website from Any Device

WordPress is browser-based. You can login from any Internet connected computer or device and manage your site.

Your Site Can Grow as Your Business Grows

WordPress sites are very scalable. You can have hundreds of thousands of pages or blog posts on your site and the performance of the site will not be compromised in the least.

Extend the Functionality with Plugins

Want to add an event calendar, video gallery, Twitter Feed, Facebook Fan Box, interactive forms or shopping cart? WordPress makes this possible with plugins, most of which are free or very reasonably priced.

Have Multiple Users

As an administrator of a WordPress site, you can set-up multiple users for the website and assign access levels and capabilities to each user.

A Blog is Built-in and Ready to Go

WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform, blogging capabilities are built-in and are easy to integrate. Setting up RSS / email subscriptions to your blog, commenting capabilities, and automatically adding the most recent blog posts to other pages of the site (your home page, for example) are also very simple to set-up, and help to extend your company’s reach and make your site more dynamic and interactive.

WordPress is Open-Source Software

Technology is advancing so rapidly that websites suddenly became outdated overnight. WordPress is open-source which means anyone can contribute to the software (all carefully monitored of course) so that it is constantly being improved and upgraded. Your wordpress site will never be out of date like one made from scratch will be.

37% of all Websites are WordPress

That should tell you something. And WordPress just really got going a few years ago…