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Who is Watching Your Back?

I’ve had people call me and say that their Web Designer simply disappeared after they were paid. Or that they are being charged a ridiculous amount for maintenance. What do you do now?

Even if i didn’t build your site i can help with maintenance.

WordPress is constantly being improved – database, theme and plugins need to be updated and backed up consistently or you leave yourself open to the dreaded ‘hack’. I’ve seen it happen and it’s not pretty.

Sometimes an update will break a site because the plugin and WordPress aren’t compatible. What are you going to do when you update the site yourself and are immediately presented with the ‘White Screen of Death’? Yes, it’s a real thing.

WordPress Maintenance

Do it right or go home

For those using a irreplaceable scheduling calendar, detailed Blog, shopping cart or some other function they have put a lot of time and money into – a website crash is devastating. If your life is run in a digital environment it only takes one hacker or one server hiccup to wipe out your site. Just don’t go there…

It’s an unmistakable fact that today you must have a website presence.
And it effects your credibility to have a broken or outdated website.

That’s why I don’t take chances.

For my clients I make sure their site is automatically backed up completely once a day X 30, so there will be 30 days of backups which gives you 30 days to discover that your site is down or hacked or corrupted in some way.

I always make a complete instant backup of your database and files before updating WordPress or any of the plugins so a complete restore is possible if something breaks the site.

dreamstime_xs_39604372-2Updating a site WITHOUT a complete backup:

  1. Update WordPress
  2. Update Plugins
  3. Check the site
  4. What Site???
  5. All you see is the White Screen of Death instead of your site.
  6. Pull your hair out, scream and run in circles till you pass out…

dreamstime_xs_39604372Updating a site WITH a complete backup:

  1. Backup all Plugins and Database
  2. Update WordPress
  3. Update Plugins
  4. White Screen of Death…
  5. Restore old site so everything is working
  6. Contact Programmer to have them fix the issue.
  7. Update when they have gotten it fixed.
  8. No time lost, no data lost.

WordPress Repair

So, your site is really old or has been hacked? I can take care of that.

If your WordPress site is repairable or just need a new theme and some updating I do that too.