Ten things to consider when building a website

If you’re in a position to provide a website design service and don’t have any knowledge of the field, it can be easy to fall for the trap of being misled by the person providing the service. This is a very common situation in Romania. We often hear from clients about their experiences working with unscrupulous people.

Here are 10 things we recommend that you review before you start a project.

1. Low prices
In the world of website creation services, this should not be considered a criterion for choosing a service provider. The cost of the project will reflect the amount of work required. A site that is too expensive will most likely not be realized from all perspectives.
If you end up having to redo the entire site with another agency, it will not be a benefit to you to get a lower price. A project that was done by another agency is unlikely to be taken over by an agency.

2. The contract does not contain the offer
The offer is excellent. It includes all of the functionality required for a website and it’s very affordable. However, the offer is not converted into a contract with a detailed technical estimate. Most contracts have general provisions. The offer can be cancelled and the work done according to the provider’s wishes. You will not be able to hold the provider responsible for the site presented to you at the end.
Do not sign a contract without a detailed technical estimate and invoices.

3. This site does not offer any warranty
Anyone who doesn’t offer a guarantee should be questioned.
It is not enough to offer a guarantee at marketing level. The contract must include it and clearly state its conditions. The warranty period and the actions taken by the company in the event there is a problem must be clearly stated. Free remediation

4. The provider has registered the web domain Ex. The provider has registered the web domain (Ex.
This is one of many abusive traps providers use.
In a situation in which clients were being damaged by other businesses wanted me to build the website. However, when we tried to launch the website online using their domain, we discovered that the domain had been registered by the previous company who had worked on it.
This is a bad practice because you are forced to work for one company.
You must register the web domain with your email address.

5. The surcharge may be modified in the future.
This is a practice that some companies use to work with the public sector. It requires that the price for web projects be the lowest in the bidding process.
I was surprised to see that some Bucharest agencies use the same practices in the private sector.
To avoid this, you should find out the price of the agency’s work hour so that you can get the services you need at the same rate.

6. Website creation platforms that are restricted
You can create a website on either a well-known CMS platform (Ex. WordPress or a well-known PHP platform (Ex. Laravel or on a platform created by the company with which you are interested in working. You need to be careful in the latter situation. The code for the platform can only been known by the creator and you will be bound by him, regardless of any circumstances.
If you are able to program and analyze code, it is possible to avoid situations like these. We recommend that you choose one of the 2 options presented if you don’t have programming knowledge.

7. The site lacks basic options
Some web developers rely on the lack of technical knowledge of their clients to add basic options and features to their site.
The most overlooked options are:
The site displays problems on mobile devices
Search engines will not recognize a website that isn’t optimized for SEO. Here are some technical parameters to help you tell search engines that your site is properly made.
Mobile devices have slow page loading (see this article on loading times).
– html, css, javascript errors

8. Inadequacy of website maintenance
Websites are not products that can be handed to clients after they have been created. They do not require any maintenance as it will function correctly.
It is important to host the site and maintain it at least weekly for the updating of scripts. It needs to be monitored for external threats and possible fixes. You may want to continue developing the site, but this should still be feasible at reasonable costs.
These services will not be provided by a serious company. It is hard to maintain or develop something you haven’t done right from the start.

9. Not adapted for the project: Technical solutions
Sometimes, the technical solutions offered to clients are simple so that the cost is as low possible. This is a mistake you will regret once you have started getting visitors to your site. Because of the platform and technical solution originally offered by the provider, it is possible that the site does not work correctly after receiving many requests.
An online store selling 100 products and receiving 20 customers per hour has a vastly different technical approach than one selling 10,000 products and getting 200 customers per hour.

10. The project’s number of participants
Sometimes, a single person (freelancer), is responsible for creating a website. He may not say that he will do it alone in many cases. Although it is not necessarily a problem, the quality of services provided will be lower if that person works with more clients or is overwhelmed by deadlines and tasks. This will cause major problems in communication and implementation.

The following steps are often minimally involved in creating a website:

  • 1 graphic designer is responsible for designing the visual portion of the website (page layouts and logos, etc.).
  • 1-2 web developers/programmers who convert the design into code
  • 1 project manager, who handles communication between you (and the technical team)
  • 1 account manager, who handles documentation (contracts and invoices, approvals etc. ).

You have options to help other people if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you weren’t satisfied with a service.

Write a fair review about your experience with the company that you are not satisfied with on Google or Facebook. If you are satisfied, write the review. This will improve the quality of the service provided by the provider.
-Writtenly ask the company to fix the problem. If you don’t receive a satisfactory answer within 30 days you can contact the authorities: ANPC if the contract is as a natural person, or the courts if the contract is as a company.

These 10 points should help you choose the right company to realize your web project.

Remember that a job done well can be recognized right from the beginning.
You can share your experiences with us in the comments if you don’t find them in this article.

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