Top 15 ways to make money blogging

The million-dollar question is how to make money blogging.

We meet someone on every trip to new destinations or to monetize them. They want to be able to share their experiences with others, not depend on anyone, and not worry about whether or not a company will close.

You might also be interested in this list. It contains 15 ideas that you can use to start monetizing blogs.

They all work and can be used. The problem is finding the right one for you and your business.

Yes. Because monetizing blogs is like being an entrepreneur. This is why you need to begin acting as such. Creating a business plan will make your dream a reality.


Why is blog advertising so popular? Because it generates original content and is better indexed on Google than any other website. When it comes to selling, there is no denying the importance of building a community.

These are just a few examples of invoices using this system.

1. AdSense PPC (Pay Per Klick)

These acronyms are not scary. It’s easy, just set up some spots on your blog where ads can be placed and earn money for every visitor who clicks on them.

Advantages: You can generate passive income without having to do anything.

There are some disadvantages. While English-language blogs cost more, it can be annoying to see lots of advertising on blogs. Although the ads on each site relate to the content, this is not always true. The site also has a banner limit.

2. CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions)

The same as the previous, but they pay for views, not clicks. That is, the number of people who visit your respective blog page.

Advantages: Same as above.

Advantages: Same as above.

3. Banners

If you are the blog owner, you already know the value of reaching the audience you reach. This is why you can also sell advertising to companies interested in your niche that will link your brand to their audience.

Advantages: You have the option to choose which products or services you want to promote.


4. Sponsorship by blog segment

This is an excellent option if your blog is segmented. If you have a blog about cooking, and you have a meat, pasta, and dessert section, you could offer sponsorship.

5. Pop-ups

It’s an unpleasant sales experience for me, but it’s something I have to add to my list. Pop-up windows appear as small windows appearing out of nowhere to try and sell you something. It’s possible to sell whatever you like there, but it is not something I recommend.

Advantages: These are not overlooked from any angle.

These disadvantages are extremely annoying for most users.

6. Youtube advertising automatically

YouTube pays you for advertising in videos you create on your blog.
Advantages: generates passive income.

There are some disadvantages. You will need many reproductions in order to make a big difference. Also, ads may be about topics not related to your blog’s theme.

7. Advertisers on YouTube

The model is identical to the previous, but you can choose which advertisement appears in the video.

Advantages: generates passive income.

You must attract advertising agencies.

8. Text ads

It is used in this instance to place sponsored links in the text that direct to different companies.

Advantages: You choose what and how you want to advertise.

Negatives: If a company provides a poor service, and you recommend it to others, you could lose your credibility.

Donations, scholarships, and grants

It would not be posted if it did not work. There are many blogs in different fields that offer a donation option.

9. Click here to donate

A donate button can be added to your blog so people who enjoy your content can make donations.

Advantages: generates passive income.

It has some disadvantages, but it isn’t considered a fixed income.

10. Grants and scholarships

Bloggers can receive grants or scholarships based on their content and/or the communities that they serve.

There are advantages: You have an external economic basis that will allow you to complete your project.

There are disadvantages. You have to start projects and apply for grants or scholarships.
By reaching specific niches

Yes, many organizations, companies and individuals could be interested in your audience. They can also pay you for valuable statistical information.

11. Surveys and polls

Let’s say that your blog targets men between 16 and 26 years old. The deodorant brand X needs data from this audience. You can offer space for surveys and polls, and receive a commission.

Advantages: can generate passive income.

There are disadvantages. You have to identify the companies that require the data you provide.

Direct sales

12. Books for sale

Many bloggers make a living selling books. Many of them even finance their books with advance sales.

Advantages: If you have a community that enjoys reading you, it almost guarantees a lot of sales.

It has disadvantages such as slow production, high printing costs, and logistical difficulties.

13. Electronic books are sold

The majority of valuable information is available in ebook format. If you have knowledge that is useful and adds value to others, this is a great option.

Advantages: You only need to do it once, and each download earns you money.

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